story of the day – Rush Hours

I got out of house around 8:15 , Malad west to reach a place roughly by 8:40 in Andheri west. And even before I was out of the house there was this thought fleeting through my head that I was late. I kept saying ter my self ” GO GO GO “. And just as I slammed the door shut and went out, I said darn I ‘m running late. I reached the lift I pressed the button but it was too late and saw it passing by in front of me. Darn! Alright! I also realised, I had forgotten my helmet. I rushed back picked the helmet and got out; all in a jiffy. STOP! I stopped made a silent prayer for a pleasant journey ahead. I waited for the lift and got down. The Mind got calmer as each floor was passed. So from 5th floor to the ground, it was a countdown of sorts. I got out of the lift(there were two doors ter open) , saw the guard was not present at his seat.

My eyes went towards the grill, it was slightly open. I mean very slight and three little children (aged around 4 or 5) were pushing the grill away with all their effort taking turns.Not a heavy grill but fer the kids it must ve been a task. They looked in no hurry and were patiently at it. The patience and perseverance in them was worth noting. I helped them move it, the last bit. The content smiles on their faces having accomplished a task was enough ter calm my anxious mind. Reaching late was not a worry any more.

I had a very pleasant journey. There was no traffic. I reached at 8 :35. !!

Stay Calm , and Smile ūüôā

an Ode to India

my country

a heart in me beats for you ..
every heartbeat in praise of you ..
India India India…

India –
a sentiment, full of emotion;
an experience.
a lover’s song, a poets dream;
pain, suffering, a saga of sacrifice;

India –
restless, unclean yet childlike.
the mind.
birth, separation, the cycle of life;
an idea, new and everlasting;
a thought.

India –
nobody’s , yet everyone’s ;
smiles, tears, billion unfinished desires;
expectation, intention and somewhere in between;

India –
alive, breathing, embodiment of life;
bright, selfless, an eternal flame of knowledge;
the light.
yoga, dhyan, truth ;

India –
stories, legends and fables ;
a moment.
the name called out to Gods ;
flora, fauna, land, sea and air;

India is me .. India is you.. India is us.
Look outside you ll find India.
Look within you ll find an Indian.

*aatma – soul
*dhyan – meditation

lovers spat

light on, black off
light off , black on
rest unrest ..
unrest unrest …

just as –
seconds turned into minutes..
minutes into hours ..
an hour became eternity ..
eternity became still ..

moon turned into sun ..
and stars disappeared …
sun turned into moon ..
and stars re appeared ..

it was light light..
its black black ..

no missed calls from her..
he missed her ..
no missed calls from him ..
she missed him ..
he waited ..
she waited ..

it was light light
its black black

slow it down

story of a yester day – “slow it down”

We are always in a rush that I even had to reconfirm with my brain on the title. 
brain: are you sure slow it down?
me: excellent! you can read.
brain : why slow it down?
me : just read it.
brain : I’ll type it slowly n then I’ll read it slowly

So I was rushing through towards work. I had woken up a bit too late and that had me running. I took a bath , got dressed and was out with my bike in a jiffy. I was on the main road ; stopped in front of an ATM. Everything was happening fast. The cash was out in a minute. Well not before a failed try where in the machine didn’t believe my card was valid because I had swiped it too fast.
Hmmm… haste makes waste but one doesn’t have a choice when they are late, right?
Out of the ATM I was suddenly stopped by a man. I did the preliminary scan. His forehead was a bit wrinkled, a piece of paper in his hand with something a scribbled and he was on a bike; perhaps was one of those courier chaps.
the man : yeh address aapko maalum hai.(do you know this address)
me : hmmm..yeh shayad udhar hai.(maybe its in that direction); I pointed with my finger.
Now believe me I knew I had seen it somewhere but where was it, I just couldn’t figure it out.¬†
For a minute there I forgot I was in a hurry. My mind was engrossed in finding the address. 
ahh! finally! 
me: mujhe nahin pata. kisi aur se puch lo( I dont know, ask someone else). I had conceded defeat.
I had guided someone wrong once , hence I didn’t wanna repeat that again.
I started my bike and was off. I reached work late.
While I was coming back home I saw the address that courier person was looking for. It was hardly 50 mtrs from where I live.

I must have gone past it so many times but I never really had noticed for I was always in a rush.
At times we tend to not notice so many things, for we are so engrossed in being fast. 
Time to slow things down and enjoy the ride 

Angry Young Man

story of the day – ‘angry young man – A y man’

Now who has not been acquainted with the angry young man in their lives. I wonder if there is anyone who has never met the angry young man/woman in reel or real life.

So today I met this angry young man. I had the most amazing start of the day. I woke up from one dream with eyes closed into another with eyes open early morning and I also got ter wake up late. Pranayam, prayers, praises, pyar(love) and peace. ahhh!! what a glorious day greeted me with a smile. 
And then I got the first fleeting glimpse, of whom I would later know of as anger young man.
I forgot about it and had a wonderful lunch, ate through a buffet in a civilized manner:-D
Suddenly I saw AY man again, our eyes met I noticed he looked remarkably familiar. 
I shut my eyes fer a moment and hello! he was gone.
Spent some wonderful time in Hamleys toy store. yippee!! Some lost forgotten memories came and new ones joined them. mazaa aa gaya!!
Phir o teri ! I saw that rascal again. Ah ha I knew where I had seen him. He looked like an ugly version of me. Yeh badi badi aankhen..big big eyes..haan sachi.. red as if in an eye flu..nose flaring as if not able ter breathe. Body constricted n stiff as if he had been recently starched(I grinned ter myself worse dancer than me hehe). And he was loud; he couldn’t listen ter what I said and himself kept shouting. Maybe he was in the drilling business. Heavy machinery must ve made him a bit deaf. Poor chap I felt sorry fer him I really wanted ter help him. Somehow his condition was affecting me.
I said O bhai saheb take a deep breath, relax; he suddenly disappeared. hmmm interesting.
I saw a movie Pompey, which was good. And I saw some friends of A y man in it. 
After a while we bumped into each other again. This time I asked whats your problem. What’s troubling you? He had no answers ter my question just kept mumbling something, I could make no head or tail of it. So okay I said why dont you write it down. (Terrible handwriting I tell you.) didnt work! I suggested meditation but just as we started he ran off in less than a minute. I thought good riddance but then again I felt sorry for him. hmmm He later showed up. I said bro what you doing.. eh..coming n going. Decide first…either coming coming or going going.
Ohhh you should ve seen his face which became very small and construed. 
Oh hoo I said come here Aaja jhappi paiye(lets hug)..hug time.
I told him I love you buddy..I’m your best friend. Finally I saw a smile, his body relaxed and face was handsome ,eyes deep. I saw a sudden change in myself. I felt relived, for that person was none other than me.

so here’s the trick next time you meet an Angry young man or woman(fer the ladies), just say I love you.

The tea Cup Story

As I was drinking tea from a tea cup today, It spoke to me. I saw the tea cup, I heard it, I felt it. I loved it just as it loved me back.
The cup contained something which was of no use to it and was holding the tea just for me. It was being so selfless. We are holding things which are often useful for others and yet fail to see that or deliver.
Also it could have chosen to be symmetrical like all those glasses, but instead it chose to a have a little handle on the side and be a little asymmetrical. A little handle pointing outward just for me. It was so convenient, my finger slipped right through it and voila it was so comfortable to hold. It is just a little more effort from our side that makes it for others to approach us or if I may handle us easily.
I then realised that it had smooth edge, not sharp, not irregular, so easy on my lips. I was able to sip the tea without having to worry about being hurt. I thought we too could learn to be a little more smooth, round of those sharp words or expressions so that what we have to offer could be taken by others without being hurt.

And then as I finished the tea with this pleasant thought. It still had something to offer me. I held the cup in my palms it was warm and I brought it near my face. It felt great against my face. The warmth of it.

WOW .. it was perhaps the best Tea cup , there could be. I was left speechless with gratitude






still waters run deep ..

flowing waters sow and reap…

green trees greener leaves ..

soothing balm for eyes that grieve…

innocence smiles reflections of joy..

paper boats sail, coyly sly…

flashes with thunder greet ..

heart plays skip a beat …

passion ignites lovers dance..

heavens earth eternal romance …

wind carries a tale of yore ..

thirst for thirst evermore…

the rhythm of mellow rain ..

thirst quenched liberates pain …

the rhythm of mellow rain ..

the rhythm of mellow rain …